Radio Online Control (ROC)

Downloaded 3210 times.
1061 ROC:s is registred.
396 other online units is registred.
8406 times has different ROC:s been used at events.
ROC:s has participated at approximately 4668 events.
4066946 punches has totally been received by the server.

This is an online control for SportIdent SI-masters and Emit online units. It is based on a RaspBerry Pi computer and some form of network connection.
ROC has support for many 3G- and 4G-modems and any equipment that you plug into the network contact that can give the RaspBerry Pi an IP address and internet connection.
It's now possible to use wireless network cards, WiFi.
The online controls calls home to a web server on internet and report all activity to the web servers interface.
On the competition arena it's all up to you to get an internet connection and connect you program of choice to the web server.
The online controls handles Check, Start, Control and Finish online. Actually is also Clear online supported :-)
OLA has native support for all of the functions. SportSoftwares OE2010 has native support for control and finish online.
For more info, please read the manual.

Developed by Oskar Berg and Erik Berg.
OLA interface by Henrik Bengtsson

For information about how the ROC was created, check the blog.